The 3C is Now Invitation Only

The 3C has been reopened and is only open to those that take the artform of Cardistry/XCM/Cardmanship seriously. You have been redirected to this page because The 3C has become an invite only forum.

Within this Community we personally promise that there will no advertisements, no "kiss-ass" members and no spam. The idea is to create an exclusive only forum wherein only those that take the art-form seriously have a place to "get away" from the larger forums, discuss new ideas and show new developments before releasing those out to the worldwide community.

The Oath of all the members is to promise to keep what is in the forum, in the forum. Anything discussed, shared or even rumored within the forum walls is not to be released. New ideas from yourselves for example, would not be mentioned by another member, even in brief discussion. Everything secret is kept secret, and the forum exclusivity ensures complete control of it's members and therefore complete control of privacy.

How do I Join?

You will need an invitation from a current member.